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The Basketball

The Workout

15 Reps per exercise⁣

🏀 Squat with front raise⁣⁣
🏀 Single leg step back and raise with front raise (repeat other side)⁣⁣
🏀 Mountain climbers ⁣⁣
🏀 Plank jacks ⁣⁣
🏀 Alternating ball push-up ⁣⁣
🏀 Leg raises (keep ball overhead) ⁣⁣
🏀 Straight leg sit-ups with ball overhead⁣⁣
🏀 Toe touch / leg raise⁣⁣
🏀 Russian twists ⁣⁣
⁣⁣Repeat 2x

Don’t have a basketball? Use any type of ball, make it more difficult with a weight, or easier with a pillow. ⁣⁣