The Basketball

The Workout

15 Reps per exercise⁣

🏀 Squat with front raise⁣⁣
🏀 Single leg step back and raise with front raise (repeat other side)⁣⁣
🏀 Mountain climbers ⁣⁣
🏀 Plank jacks ⁣⁣
🏀 Alternating ball push-up ⁣⁣
🏀 Leg raises (keep ball overhead) ⁣⁣
🏀 Straight leg sit-ups with ball overhead⁣⁣
🏀 Toe touch / leg raise⁣⁣
🏀 Russian twists ⁣⁣
⁣⁣Repeat 2x

Don’t have a basketball? Use any type of ball, make it more difficult with a weight, or easier with a pillow. ⁣⁣


Be sure to feel confident in any stationary movement before adding additional balance and stability moves. 

Slow the pace down if there is any issue with mobility and stability. 

For additional difficulty, use a medicine ball or weighted object. 

As alwasys, please contact me with any questions on modifications or challenges.