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The Workout

While we’re in this holding pattern, let’s play another game with holds. This time we’ll hold a plank the entire upper body workout while changing up our hold/grip on the weight to work front side and back of muscle groups. ⁣

Find a table you feel comfortable at, hold on tight, be sure to tuck your hips and squeeze your core, and perform 10 of each on each side 3x ⁣
💪🏼 Neutral / Pronated / Supinated grip rows ⁣
💪🏼 Front / Side / Back raises ⁣
💪🏼 Bicep curl / Tricep kickback ⁣
💪🏼 Toe to overhead / Reach through to overhead ⁣

CHALLENGE: One minute nonstop ⁣
10 Spider-Man pushups ⁣
10 leg lifts⁣
20 Mountain climbers⁣
20 Plank jacks ⁣

Not sure what to use? This can be done using a dumbbell, water bottle, band or jus keeping a tightly clenched fist and contracted muscle.