The Workout

High-intensity interval training is a shorter workout that involves bursts of energy with short rest periods to get that heart rate up and burn fat. The below workout is only 18 minutes, but boy it’s a killer.⁣

Perform each of the 3 exercises for 30 seconds before resting for 30 seconds 

  • *️⃣ Burpees ▶️ Wall sit ▶️ In-and-out jump squats ⁣

  • 30 second rest⁣

  • *️⃣ Burpees ▶️ Plank ▶️ Circular mountain climbers ⁣

  • 30 second rest⁣

  • *️⃣ Burpees ▶️ Up and down plank ▶️ Spider-Man pushups ⁣

  • 30 second rest ⁣

REPEAT 3 TIMES (minimize the rest of you are feelin extra badass)


This workout will make you sweat and sore. Don't rush the reps, do what makes you feel comfortable, but be sure to challenge yourself.