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05 Your Environment

Your environment around you is either aiding or distracting you from your goals. What can you do to make each space optimal for you?

05 Your Environment
05 Your EnvironmentCorrelation
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As human beings we are sensory creatures. We gain different energies based on how things look, smell, sound, feel, and taste. Each of those senses can either help you work toward your intentions and goals, or distract you from it.

If your environment is full of unhealthy snacks, sweet treats, and leftover takeout, you are creating obstacles and distractions from your intention of eating healthy. Remove it from your environment and it will be hard to make the wrong decision. You want to eat more fruits and vegetables? Make them visible in your environment as a physical reminder every time you walk into the kitchen of your intention.

If your workout area is cluttered, it will be an extra obstacle to clean it prior to each workout as well as possibly a distraction during it. Instead set up a designated area that you will always use, or put together a bin or basket with all of the equipment you’ll use to transform the space easily and efficiently. Lay out your workout clothes the night before to create less obstruction for you in your environment in the morning.

Find little ways to transplant yourself with little changes and little environments. Create an oasis for reading. Add flowers to brighten your room and mood. Create the perfect playlist for each situation. Develop your rituals for coffee, tea, and water to energize, soothe, and fuel. Set yourself up for success with an inviting environment by leaving it how you’d like to come the next time. It is all about trying to motivate yourself through senses and removing any barriers in the way.

First become aware of when and what gives you energy. Think about when you feel empowered, productive, calm, etc. What is your environment like? Are you around people? Listening to certain music? In a certain location? Then do the same for what gives you negative energy. Does the couch entice you binge watch TV and scroll social media? Then don’t allow yourself to work there. Does your bedroom give a cluttered vibe vs a calming vibe and affect your sleep? Then, clean it out and rearrange. The list can go on and on of different situations where removing yourself or things from the environment can change the outcome of your goal.

Keep your centered why at the start of each day and the set up of your environment and it will help you better formulate how you will execute what to reach your goals. Be intentional with what you want to achieve. Set yourself up for success by setting your surroundings up to help you, not hurt you.

I believe in you. You have all you need. Let’s make this enjoyable and easier together.

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