The Workout

Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Time to throw a little spice in the mix. ⁣⁣


It’s a new month. What are you going to do for you? For your sanity? For your wellbeing? ⁣⁣


Pick A thing. One thing. And commit to yourself that you will spend 5-10-15 minutes a day at a minimum to learn it, practice it, master it. ⁣⁣


You guessed it, mine is getting and mastering a handstand. ⁣⁣


Handstand skill strengthening:⁣

🤸🏼 Head stand walk⁣ up⁣

🤸🏼 Pike pushups⁣⁣

🤸🏼 Wall walks⁣⁣

🤸🏼 Frog stand⁣⁣

🤸🏼 Donkey kicks ⁣(varying heights) ⁣

🤸🏼 Single leg kick ups ⁣⁣

🤸🏼 Head stand practice⁣⁣

🤸🏼 Head stand hold ⁣⁣


Be ok with falling, not failing in the process. Here’s the beautiful thing about this month, no one is watching! ⁣⁣


Find the silver lining and take advantage of this this time.⁣ I’ll do it with you! 


Make sure to stretch your wrists. Practice putting more and less weight on them to get used to the pressure and bend. 

Baby steps. Don't start doing things on just your hands until you are comfortable on all fours, then three (head and two arms). 

Practice. Practice. Practice. I know I have a lot of it to do ;)