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Memorial Day

mid-way feedback

Thank you in advance for your help in crafting the next program. Tell me about the good, the bad and the ugly. Was it too much, too hard, too little, too easy, etc.

This can be completely anonymous, or if you can stand behind what you write, feel free to put in your info in the last question. Also any quotes/testimonials if you have liked it so far would be extremely helpful as I am building this business out.

Why Join?

Execute your workouts anytime, anywhere. A pre-determined schedule of workouts with little to no equipment needed, allows you to access wherever you may be.


Being home with no outside pressure makes it easy to fall off the wagon. Correlation will monitor and check in to see how you are doing, feeling and progressing.


At just $1/a day, this program is made for everyone's wallet. 


We are all on a different journey, therefore our offering reflects that. While not individualized, the three varrying levels will reflect your ability, yet still challenge you. 


Tell all your friends, or keep this your secret and wow them the next time you see them. These workouts are kept confidential and done in the privacy of your own home 


Thanks for your message! We will be in touch within 24 hours. 

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