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Own your morning, own your day

Updated: May 16, 2022

Across all success, one thing reigns true. You either have it hard now and easy later, or easy now and hard later.

While that might seem dramatic, I think this also plays true to our mornings. I personally love a comfy bed, to hit (or turn off) the snooze, and bask in the comfort of too many comforters and pillows.

But, where does that leave me? Twenty minutes to an hour less of exercise or movement that could have helped kickstart my metabolism, release dopamine, and help my mindset for the day. It also means that I somehow am rushed right from the start, and trying to catch up on both tasks and control of my day.


So, let's go through some of the benefits as well as small simple steps to own your morning.

  1. Lower stress

  2. Increased productivity

  3. Sense of reliability around consistency in routines

  4. Better quality sleep

  5. Feel in control

  6. Create a sense of inertia and ongoing momentum for the day

  7. Boost your energy levels

Simple Steps

I want you to think about life as a game. There are hacks here, tips there, do not pass go, etc little shoots and ladders for you to overcome. We have to make this fun. We have to make it simple. We have to make it obvious. We have to make it desirable. That is your key strategy to winning the game.

So if we think about the morning, how about trying the following:

  1. Lay your workout clothes out the night before

  2. Prep your coffee the night before

  3. Pre package your snacks for the day in the beginning of the week

  4. Digital Detox before bed - that means no TV, no laptops, no phone for 30 minutes prior to sleeping

  5. Play your favorite song and allow yourself that amount of time to make the bed and tidy the room

  6. Use Mel Robbin's #5secondrule for everything you are procrastinating doing. Once you get to 0 you can't count down any further.

  7. Take a minute to write down what you are grateful for - it will shift your mindset to one of gratitude for the whole day.

  8. Move your beautiful body!!! You knew that one was coming - but working out in the morning not only releases your endorphins, kickstarts your metabolism, gets your blood flowing, and sets that mindset into one of a healthy lifestyle.

If you want to get specific about goals, take back your morning, and feel in control of your day, let's talk! I'm here to help you get to better understand why you are doing what you're doing, what might be causing some of those behaviors, and make small sustainable tweaks for you to implement and own your day.

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