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The Workout

⁣Try the below low-impact booty bands workout for pure glute activation. Play with the tempo and pulses to superset the full range of motion in the rep based on the music you move to. ⁣

🍑 Side toe taps / squat (jump optional) / squat pulse⁣
🍑 Swooping monster walk / 180 squat turn (or jump optional)⁣
🍑 Side leg raise / back leg raise / pulse⁣
🍑 Glute bridge abduction / bridge toe tap⁣
🍑 Side leg raise / pulse ⁣
🍑 Donkey kick / fire hydrant / back leg raise toe tap⁣

Try for 10 full range / 10 pulse of each move, switch sides, and repeat all 3x. (Tip: pick a song that matches a beat you move to and repeat ~ 4 times)⁣